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Non Tidal Motor Boat Policy

Note this is only a sample, please get a quote for the latest policy wording

Please check that your policy is correct

This Insurance is subject to Irish Law and Jurisdiction

Mr A Sample having made a proposal and declaration to for the Insurance of 'BoatNameHere' (including
equipment and personal effects) valued at €7,500 and the premium having been paid to for the period
DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY and any subsequent period that you pay the agreed premium, we will indemnify you as
provided subject to the exceptions, conditions, limitations, definitions and warranties contained in this policy,
such conditions being precedent to our liability.

• You/your/yours = the policyholder
• We/us /our/ours =
• A total loss is where 'BoatNameHere' is totally lost or destroyed.
• A constructive total loss is where the cost of recovering or repairing 'BoatNameHere' will exceed €7,500 or you
have been deprived of the use of 'BoatNameHere' for 12 consecutive months.
• 'BoatNameHere' means the boat herself, her machinery, boat(s), gear and equipment, as would normally be sold with
the boat.
• Personal effects mean your and your family's personal effects which are not part of 'BoatNameHere's' inventory.
Territorial Scope:

• Ashore or afloat on inland non tidal waters and interconnecting tidal waterways of the UK, including the Broads, and
the river Thames not seaward of the Thames Barrier.
We will pay for physical loss of or damage to 'BoatNameHere' directly caused by:
• External accidental means.
• Fire, explosions, self ignition and lightning.
• Malicious acts of third parties.
• Accidents in loading, discharging and handling stores, equipment, machinery, or fuel.
• Latent defects in the hull or machinery.
• Theft of 'BoatNameHere' or her boat(s), or outboard motor(s) provided it is securely locked to 'BoatNameHere' or her
boat(s) by an anti theft device in addition to its normal method of attachment, or, following upon forcible entry into
'BoatNameHere' or place of storage, theft of machinery including outboard motor(s), or equipment.
• Negligence, excluding,
• the cost of making good any defect in repair, maintenance or alteration carried out for your account resulting from
either negligence or breach of contract.
• the cost and expense of remedying a fault or error in design or construction or attributable to betterment or
alteration in design or construction.
• theft or pilferage.

• The expense of sighting the bottom after stranding, if reasonably incurred specially for that purpose, even if no
damage be found.
Following loss or damage to 'BoatNameHere' caused by the above insured perils we will pay:
• €7,500 in the event of actual or constructive total loss.
• In the event of partial loss or damage the reasonable cost of repairing or reinstating the damaged or lost part, but not
exceeding €7,500.
• In the event of loss or damage to covers which are more than three years old and replacement is recoverable we will
pay two thirds of the replacement cost.
• In the event of loss or damage to outboard motors, the reasonable cost of repairs, or reinstatement, but not exceeding
the market value at the time of loss.
The reasonable cost of repair or replacement may not result in the exact pre accident condition and appearance being
We will not pay physical loss or damage claims for:

• Wear and tear, depreciation, deterioration, and mildew.
• Any expense incurred in treating the consequences of osmotic action.
• Loss of or damage to motor and electrical machinery and batteries and their connections (with the exception of the
shaft and propeller) and metalling unless caused by 'BoatNameHere' being stranded, sinking from a peril insured
against, burnt, on fire or in contact with any external substance (ice included) other than water or by malicious
damage or by theft following upon forcible entry to 'BoatNameHere' or store, or while being removed from or placed in
'BoatNameHere??????, or by fire in store ashore, or by frost or by the sudden accidental incursion of water into
'BoatNameHere??????, or by dropping off or falling overboard of outboard motors.
• Loss or damage to consumable stores, fishing gear or moorings.
• Loss of or damage to protective covers split by the wind.
• The cost of repairing, replacing or renewing any defective part in consequence of a latent defect.
Claims by Third Party:

• We will indemnify you in respect of claims made and law costs incurred by third parties for which you will by reason
of your interest in 'BoatNameHere' become legally liable to pay and shall pay for death or injury to persons or damage
to property up to €5,000,000 in respect of any one accident (which shall be deemed to include a series of accidents
occurring in connection with or arising out of any one event) but unlimited in the aggregate.
• We will pay for law costs incurred in settling or defending any claim providing we have given written consent.
• Subject to the terms and limitations, cover extends to any person in charge of 'BoatNameHere' with your permission,
but not to persons contractually employed by you.
• We will be responsible for law costs incurred in settling or defending any claim providing we have give written consent.
• We will pay for all expenses properly incurred by you in connection with Official Inquiries, and Coroner's Inquests.
We will not pay claims by third party for:

• Accidents whilst 'BoatNameHere' is in transit by road.
• Accidents to or illness of any other person employed in any capacity by you or anybody to whom this policy extends
in, on or about or in connection with 'BoatNameHere??????.
• The legal costs of defending any criminal prosecution or the payment of any fine or other penalties.

• We will pay salvage charges and any other reasonable costs in preventing or minimising a loss that is, or would have
been recoverable under this policy.
Personal Effects Clause:

• The Personal Effects of Mr A Sample are covered against all risks of loss or damage while on board or used in
connection with 'BoatNameHere??????, including whilst in transit from the place of residence to 'BoatNameHere??????, and until
return to place of residence up to a limit of €750 , but excluding any single article valued at €250 or more.
We will not pay personal effects claims for:

• Wear, tear, gradual deterioration, damp, mould, mildew, moth, vermin, mechanical derangement and electrical
• Breakage of articles of a brittle nature unless caused by 'BoatNameHere' stranding, sinking, fire, collision, stress of
weather, burglars or thieves.
• Loss of cash, travellers cheques, credit cards, jewellery, antiques, works of art, laptop computers or mobile phones.
General Exceptions:

We will not pay for:

• Claims whilst on charter, or used for other than private purposes.
• Claims arising from capture, seizure, arrest, restraint or detainment, and the consequences thereof or of any attempt
thereat; or from the consequences of hostilities or warlike operations, whether there be a declaration of war or not; but
this clause does not exclude collision, contact with any fixed or floating object (other than a mine or torpedo),
stranding, heavy weather or fire unless caused directly (and independently of the nature of the voyage or service in which
'BoatNameHere' is concerned or, in the case of a collision, any other vessel involved therein, is performing) by a hostile
act by or against a belligerent power; and for the purpose of this clause "power" includes any authority maintaining
naval, military or air forces in association with a power.
• Claims arising from the consequences of civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurrection, or civil strife arising therefrom.
• Warranted free of loss damage or expense or any legal liability of whatsoever nature directly or indirectly caused by
or contributed to by or arising from ionising radiations from or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or
from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel or the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous
properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof.
• Loss, destruction or damage occasioned by pressure waves caused by aircraft or other aerial devices travelling at sonic
or supersonic speeds.
• Claims arising from your reckless actions, or those of anybody to whom this policy extends.
• The first <excess> of any claim.
Warranties applicable to 'BoatNameHere??????:
• Speed will not exceed 18 knots (20 mph).
• Construction is of fibreglass, aluminium or steel.
• You possess a current British Waterways or Environment Agency Licence, or the equivalent Licence from the local
Navigation Authority, and a current Boat Safety Certificate. In addition, if 'BoatNameHere' is over 30 old years, and
more than 23' in length, you possess a survey report not more than five years old from a qualified yacht surveyor with
all recommendations complied with.
• 'BoatNameHere' does not exceed 50ft in length.
General Conditions:

• You will maintain and keep 'BoatNameHere??????, her machinery, boats and equipment in a proper state of repair and
seaworthiness and shall at all times exercise due care and diligence in safeguarding them.
• If this Policy or any subsequent renewal of this Policy has been obtained through omission to state any material fact,
or through any misstatement by the you or by anyone acting on your behalf or if in any statement or declaration made in
support of any claim there shall be any untruth or suppression, then this Policy and any renewal thereof is null and void,
and the premium paid m respect thereof shall be retained by the and all benefits hereunder and all right
to recover shall be forfeited.
• You will keep a note of the serial number of your outboard motors.
• Any boats must be marked with the name of the parent boat.

• This insurance may be cancelled by you online at within the policyholder pages of the website, or
by us by e-mailing you and obtaining a receipt to said e-mail.
Conditions relating to Claims:

• Notice shall be given to us by e-mail or by telephone (see "How to Contact Us" below) as soon
as possible in the event of any occurrence which may give rise to a claim under this insurance, and any theft or
malicious damage shall also be reported promptly to the Police.
• We shall be entitled to decide where repairs shall be carried out and may require a number of quotations.
• You will give us full information of the circumstances of the incident and of all claims made, with names and addresses
of claimants and all witnesses of the accident, as soon as possible after the occurrence or receipt of claim or notice of
• No liability shall be admitted nor any offer, promise or payment made by you to claimants nor legal expenses incurred
without our written consent. We shall be entitled to take over, and conduct in your name, the defence of any action.
• You will send to us as soon as possible all claims, letters, summonses, writs, relating to any accident.
• In the event of any claim arising which is also recoverable under any other insurance, we shall not be liable for more
than our due proportion of such a claim.
• We may reinstate or replace any part of Motor Boat (Non-Tidal), 'BoatNameHere' damaged or destroyed instead of
paying the amount of the loss or damage, or may join with other Insurers in so doing. Reinstatement effected as nearly
as reasonably practicable to be deemed sufficient even though the former appearance and condition of the property may
not be precisely restored. If we elect to reinstate or replace you will furnish to us all such plans, specifications
and information as we may deem necessary or expedient for the purpose.
• You will give us all possible assistance in obtaining information and evidence if we decide to take proceedings to
recover monies or to secure an indemnity from any third party in respect of anything covered by this insurance.
• Any false statement or document submitted in support of a claim by anybody acting for you will result in the policy
benefits being void.
How to contact us:

• The entire administration of your policy can be carried out online at where you can:
• Within the Policyholder pages, change your details, the boat details or payment method

• Within the Claims pages, submit a new claim or track the progress of an existing claim

• Please email us at, or if required use the TELEPHONE HELPLINE +353 (0) 1 282 4633, to
advise us about changes required to your policy and general administration matters.
• Only to report or discuss a claim use our 24 hour specialist claims hotline +353 (0) 1 282 4633 (this number is for
CLAIMS ONLY - please use the admin helpline ending 888 for all other queries).
On behalf of Craftinsure Limited trading as, Underwriting Agents for Navigators & General
Insurance Company Limited (members of Zurich Financial Services Group)
Navigators & General are registered in England & Wales No. 173444. Registered Office The Zurich Centre 3000
Parkway Whiteley Fareham Hampshire PO15 7JZ
Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority