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Fire safety advice

FIRE SAFETY ADVICE Although only accounting for a small proportion of claims when compared to theft or accidental damage, fire claims are almost always costly and can of course present a serious risk of injury. Electrical systems and components are often linked to fires and with the increasing use and dependence on electronics it’s very important to make sure these are correctly installed and maintained. Likewise any gas installations or appliances should be regularly checked. Have a fire blanket and extinguishers in your galley. Engine installations, especially if petrol, should comply with any appropriate requirements and best practice. Compartments should be fitted with automatic fire extinguishers wherever possible. And outboard motors can also catch fire as recently happened to a 100hp unit with a faulty rectifier. Here’s a quick checklist to help minimise the risk: • Do you have enough fire extinguishers on board? • Are they easily reachable? • Are they all in date? • Have hazardous materials such as paints, thinners, aerosols and out of date flares been removed? • Are fuel hoses, tanks, filler caps and seals in good order? • Do any electrical systems or components need to be checked or replaced? more advice
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