Third Party Boat Insurance

Craftinsure Third Party Only Boat Insurance Updated 2022

Our Third Party Only policy is Plain English and has been specifically designed for Boat owners who want only Third Party Liability Insurance. Cover has been specially written for Third Party risks based in the UK.

Benefits of Craftinsure Third Party Boat Insurance

  • Specialist Third Party Insurance from the leading online Boat Insurer
  • €5,000,000 Third Party Cover
  • 20 Seconds to get a Quote
  • Damage you do to other boats, people and property
  • Salvage of your boat from location of loss
  • Includes Removal of Wreck
  • Designed to meet basic requirements of Waterways Ireland, harbours and marinas

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What is Insured?

Cover for you
  • Your legal liability – third party cover to others for injury or damage caused up to €5,000,000.
  • Cover for others using your boat with your permission
  • Legal costs incurred in defending a claim against you
  • Removal of Wreck for up to €15,000 any one event
  • Salvage costs
  • Minuimum level for Harbours, Marinas and the Canal and River Trust
  • Designed to meet basic requirements of Waterways Ireland, harbours and marinas.

What is not Insured?

  • Loss or damage to the vessel
  • Loss or damage to personal effects
  • The vessel operation outside of the territorial scope shown in the policy.
  • Wilful misconduct or recklessness by you or other persons in control of the vessel (including whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs).
  • Racing or speed trials.

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Agreement details


  • Repair or replacement up to the sum insured stated in your policy
  • We will pay the agreed value or replace the vessel after a total loss.
  • Loss or damage whilst in transit by road (provided by road haulier if over 30ft/9.14m in length)
  • Inspection of the vessel after grounding, even if no damage is found.
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